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Take a look at our outstanding hanging baskets, planters and annuals. Not only do we do spring/summer operations we also have a full crop of fall mums for the harvest season as well as gorgeous Poinsettia’s, Christmas arrangements and various sizes of Christmas trees on display for the final month leading to the winter holidays.

Here is a small gallery of photographs all taken at our location, whether it be in one of our greenhouses or just around the yard.


Mid February usually marks the start of our growing season for us at the greenhouses. To prepare for the early birds on opening weekend we must begin filling and planting a variety of pots and arrangements for sale in the following months. There’s not much to take pictures of in this season but things don’t stay quiet for long.


Once all the rain and chilly spring weather clears, Summer is always there waiting, as are our plants. With 12-16″ fiber pots overflowing with flowers, traditional 10″ hanging baskets, casabella urns, veggies to start the garden or even some trees & shrubs to liven up the yard we have it all.


Once we’re midway through Summer we begin to work on our fall crop. Just as we do for spring & summer we fill each of our greenhouses with fall mums. You can get them in single pots or in arrangements that we design and install ourselves. As well, many of you know us from the Sudbury Farmers Market for the Ontario produce that we supply along side our own field grown crops. All of this is available at our farm if you cannot wait for the weekend or feel like coming out for a drive.


Did you know Holla’s is open the last week of November to December 21st for Christmas? Beautiful poinsettias & Kris Kringle Christmas Trees, unique outdoor arrangements & custom work is all available at our greenhouses. Why not make it a tradition with the family and drop by. Gift Certificates available for that special someone.